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the dKol la femme project: the him and they

What is confidence and empowerment and how does it affect YOU. You, as in the generalized you, the one that isn't gender specific. For us, it looks something like this: the vision for la femme with a twist (maybe twist isn't the right word, because it's intended to showcase equality as in a common language and occurrence). With that said, we wanted to photograph a male's session with the same values la femme has had and translate it visually in a similar way.

It got us thinking deeper on how can we create a genderless la femme? The message would remain the same and the intended outcome would be the same too. 

Well, this very session was pivotal in the direction la femme was/is heading in. We wrestled with changing the name of the business, we spoke about possibly making two branches, and then after some real soul searching, it dawned on us that la femme is about femininity NOT GENDER! 

This project didn't take on the typical storytelling session, but it did play a huge role in launching what is now the dKol la femme project. It allowed for us to explore femininty and masculinity and how it is not and will not be defined by any stereotypical gender roles.

There is one special piece I want to touch on though. Dan knew from a young age that he was gay. When he finally told his mom in his late teens, his mom said, "it's about damn time". He since has tattooed that quote onto his wrist as reminder to move forward despite the fear that might try to hold you back. That needs to be heard!!!!! 

Dan: Mom, I'm gay.

Debbie (Dan's mom): How old are you?

Dan: 18

Debbie: It's about damn time

Here's a glimpse into all of the above. Meet him, him and them-aka Dan, Jason and their marriage.


The dkol la femme project is a platform created to give a voice to you and your unique struggles by telling your story through art. la femme is where vulnerability meets liberation. What is confidence and empowerment to you? What is VULNERABILITY, and how does it affect you? You, as in the generalized you, the one that isn’t gender specific, or defined by your struggle or labeled by medication. OR maybe you are and want to advocate so your story is heard (insert dKol la femme). At la femme you are allowed to free yourself of the need for perfection. Here you will evoke your self-confidence and take pause so you can reflect on your soul.

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It’s about damn time
— Dan's Mom