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The Morgan's Embryo Transfer To Be Aired On ABC Nightline

Back in 2017 Kerri & Chris Morgan came to la femme knowing that their journey to become parents was a topic that needed attention and support. I will let Kerri’s blog fill you in on all the details on infertility, IVF and ultimately their decision to adopt two embryos. Kerri and I had known each other for a few years and she knew that la femme was blossoming into a nonprofit. She has been a sounding board and an advocate all wrapped into one, she knows all the intimate details to our mission and our dream to make la femme a platform for tough topics that need to be heard.

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the dKol la femme project: embryo adoption

the dKol la femme project meets Kerri & Chris Morgan, a couple who undergoes failed IVF, and are lucky enough to be able adopt two embryos. The first embryo transfer was not a success. The second embryo is a healthy little boy who is well into his second trimester.

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