The dKol la femme Project
where vulnerability meets liberation

about the team

The  dKol  la femme Project is made up of a team of creatives.   


The idea of “dKol la femme” morphed many times since I began my photography career in 2011 and it wasn’t until 2018 after a compilation of conversations that it actually got twisted into the idea of a non-profit. When Kay (on the left) began photographing with me in 2015 she instantly connected with my dreams of what la femme stood for and ever since she has been by my side launching it into a charity. 

In part to opening our doors, we have decided to allow one another to help tell each of our own stories. We are facing our own vulnerabilities by stepping in front of the camera and writing down the core parts to our own stories and how we landed where we are today.

After countless brainstorming sessions, tough days, dark days, pep talks, inspiring sessions and heartfelt stories that we have heard along the way, it dawned on us that we both wholeheartedly believe this project to be our way to be able to apply our passions to giveback to our community. We understand darkness, we feel the pain, we cherish the celebration of overcoming adversity and we want it to be known that we feel yours too. xo-d

Because that’s the thing about broken girls, they go on to become mighty women.
— RH Sin


Danielle Kolachik-Founder/CEO

Dan Almekinder-Vice Chair

KayLyn Romeo-Executive Director

la femme grabs us by our soul. We believe in the same core values. Based on our own experiences, we...

.are passionate

.are cracked but not broken

.crave change

.are learning from our mistakes

.laugh a lot

.are striving to find balance

.need to recharge in solitude

.believe that the voice saying you can’t is lying

.are still growing, learning and evolving

. see your beauty