The dKol la femme Project
where vulnerability meets liberation


our mission:

The dKol la femme Project is a non-profit organization focused on healing through art. We offer a community of support that provides a platform for those who wish to have their stories told through multi-media therapeutic formats.

We support tough topics. Dark and light can't exist without one another and we're believers that it is because of those dark times that we find parts of ourselves- including our strength that we didn't even know we had. The dKol la femme Project came to existence because we strongly believe our combined creativity will tell your story in a way no one else can.

What is confidence and empowerment? What is vulnerability and how does it affect you? You, as in the generalized you, the one that isn't gender specific, or defined by your struggle or labeled by your medication. Or maybe you want to advocate for a cause by letting your story be heard {insert dkol la femme}.

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