The dKol la femme Project
where vulnerability meets liberation



What does healing through art mean?

Therapeutic art involves the use of creative techniques to help foster expression of feelings.

Therapeutic photography refers to the use of photographic practices with the intended goal of producing a positive change in individuals, couples, families, etc., as well as to improve well-being, reduce social exclusion, and create positive change in larger communities.

Define therapeutic photography.

Therapeutic photography is the name for photo-based activities that are self-initiated and conducted by oneself (or part of an organized group or project), but where no format therapy is taking place and no therapist or counselor needs to be involved.

Therapeutic Photography & Social Action Photography techniques are done for the purpose of:

  • increasing self-knowledge, awareness, and well-being

  • improving relationships

  • activating positive change

  • reducing social exclusion

  • assisting rehabilitation

  • strengthening communities

  • enriching intercultural relations

  • lessening conflict

  • bringing attention to issues of social injustice

  • sharpening visual literacy skills

  • enhancing education

  • producing other kinds of photo-based healing and learning

Who is la femme for?

YOU. Your friend, mom, brother, sister, the anonymous. We do not have a specific target audience because we believe everyone qualifies. It does seem to be that millennials have been focused on as this generation is more forthright with acknowledging and accepting indifferences.

Why a non-profit?

As a part of our mission of joining together to foster healing-we want to offer these art therapy sessions free of charge to those in need.

Donations allow for us to not only foster healing in new ways, but also to put a voice to important topics, and raise money for other related non-profit organizations. Will you be a part of the movement?

All contributions go towards covering the project’s operating costs, the development of future programs, and resources that are entailed in the storytelling process of the non-profit. Each candidate will not be asked to make a financial contribution as the project is free to those willing to share their stories and advocate for the platform. Therefore, donations from the public allows for a space to be given to those who would greatly benefit from art therapy. For those that cannot make a fiscal donation, we place high value on supporting The dKol la femme Project in other ways such as referrals, nominations, sharing our mission-especially on social media platforms and being an active member of our community. A portion of each story’s team donations will be given to a charity of choice that represents said topics.

What does my donation/sponsorship do for the project?

Do you offer counseling or therapy?

No. But we do have a list of agencies and professionals, as well as, partnerships with other organizations that can be of a support service for the array of topics we work with.