the dKol la femme project
where vulnerability meets liberation

about the team

The  dKol  la femme Project is a team of creatives.   

la femme grabs us by our soul. We believe in the same core values. Based on our own experiences, we...

.are passionate

.are cracked but not broken

.crave change

.are learning from our mistakes

.laugh a lot

.are striving to find balance

.need to recharge in solitude

.believe that the voice saying you can’t is lying

.are still growing, learning and evolving

. see your beauty

Because that’s the thing about broken girls, they go on to become mighty women.
— RH Sin

meet dKol:

 Entrepreneur, Photographer, Empath

Entrepreneur, Photographer, Empath


I had to get in front of the lens. Let me clarify, I didn't want to but something told me that I had to experience this like my clients. I needed time to grow, fight, beat the demons, learn how to handle the darker days and heal. I have to believe in myself the way I strive to convince you all of. My old blog had my story showcased over the course of three years, with my photos attached to a story of where I was in my journey. I assure you, I will share this again here on the new blog eventually again, I just need some time, so bare with me as you're getting just a glimpse into that period in time. Some of you may have been there through it all and have cheered me on as I grew stronger and are still with me today, I thank you for that, you mean more to me than you'll ever know.

- Danielle Kolachik

meet Kay:

 Photographer, Writer, Deep Thinker

Photographer, Writer, Deep Thinker


For me, my story was about showing that I had grown and showing that I had regained power over my body. My story was my (long) journey to acceptance. I had finally reached a place where I could look at the reflection in the mirror without picking apart every single inch of it. For me – this was a failed battle for over 20 years. The mirror had always been my biggest enemy. I always looked at it with disgust, picking every flaw apart, overanalyzing, and wishing to be something I wasn’t. Wishing I would see a different reflection. Never did I look in the mirror and see the good. How exhausting and sad is that? I’ll tell you, the answer is very, it’s all consuming actually. So, what did FINALLY getting to this place of acceptance feel like? It felt like it was worth celebrating and sharing with the world. Danielle and I had discussed doing a la femme showcase on me and my journey to acceptance for a while, but I wasn’t convinced. But then one day I was reflecting on my journey, how far I had come, and I finally came to terms with this idea that my story was worth sharing, it was worth celebrating, and it deserved to be heard.

-Kaylyn Romeo