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where vulnerability meets liberation


donate to la femme

All contributions go towards covering the project’s operating costs, the development of future programs, and resources that are entailed in the storytelling process of the non-profit. Each candidate will not be asked to make a financial contribution as the project is free to those willing to share their stories and advocate for the platform. Therefore, donations from the public allows for a space to be given to those who would greatly benefit from art therapy. For those that cannot make a fiscal donation, we place high value on supporting The dKol la femme Project in other ways such as referrals, nominations, sharing our mission-especially on social media platforms and being an active member of our community.

We want to thank you for your donation, as well as, turning up your voice in your advocacy. Without your generosity and support we could not provide these services that help foster healing within an art form.

*A portion of each story’s team donations will be given to a charity of choice that represents said topics.