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In the previous blog post "the young girls of the la femme movement" stirred up some great ideas and we want to be able to feature more articles that speak to this exact.

We are working on a project for la femme (not sure if you’ve read any recent blog posts (This Is My Body or I Want Art) but we’re looking to develop an idea of artwork being submitted and featured on our blog from people who use art to showcase struggles. The original idea was to take body image struggles for mostly women/girls and share their journey. But we want to expand this idea to life struggles in general. Regardless of gender, we want to give you an avenue to showcase how your art gives shape to the struggle and often times is a healing power for both the creator and the reader/viewer. Perhaps you or someone you know would be a good candidate for this idea, so write in and share your soul with us. The plan is to do an ongoing feature on the blog in which your art will be shared. You do not need to be a writer, painter, photographer, etc. to submit, but one that uses the various mediums to find comfort and relief from using them to ease the struggles. Also, we recognize that there may be some of you that would prefer to remain anonymous and we will do that with the utmost respect to your privacy.

If by chance you have a story and need help executing it whether it be through photography or written words, we would love to assist you on this. 

Email all submissions for the chance to be featured on the blog to


xo-d & Kay