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Events & Merch

We have been busy in the community the last couple of months and have several upcoming events planned over the next few. So we wanted to jump on and give the blog some love and update ya’ll.

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The Morgan's Embryo Transfer To Be Aired On ABC Nightline

Back in 2017 Kerri & Chris Morgan came to la femme knowing that their journey to become parents was a topic that needed attention and support. I will let Kerri’s blog fill you in on all the details on infertility, IVF and ultimately their decision to adopt two embryos. Kerri and I had known each other for a few years and she knew that la femme was blossoming into a nonprofit. She has been a sounding board and an advocate all wrapped into one, she knows all the intimate details to our mission and our dream to make la femme a platform for tough topics that need to be heard.

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