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We have been busy in the community the last couple of months and have several upcoming events planned over the next few. So we wanted to jump on and give the blog some love and update ya’ll.

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Suicide Awareness Starts With Consciousness And Differs With Perception

What a cowardly thing to do.” “How selfish of them” “What about the kids?” “How could they do something like this to their loved ones?” “But, they were always so happy.” “Why didn’t they ask for help?” Do these “innocent” phrases sound familiar to you? Surely, you’ve heard at least one of these statements from at least one participant in every conversation you’ve had about suicide. Maybe you, yourself have even uttered these normalized expressions of grievances. Am I right? Now – if you’ve said these things, or anything having a similar meaning when discussing someone who’s committed suicide, before you feel attacked or defensive, please listen…

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