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Posts in a note of gratitude
Inspired by: Trisha Hughes

Social media sometimes allows us to connect with people that we’ve never met before and sometimes those people provide a sense of companionship that even “the authors” don’t even realize how largely they’ve impacted others. With the right platform we are able to reach the masses and provide comfort in what sometimes feels so isolating.

Trisha Hughes is that person for me. And here’s a little bit on as to why.

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A note of gratitude: Dear Kristin

So here I am, starting my first note of gratitude that I’m sharing publicly. I plan on writing more of these, along with Kay, but we both want to invite you to write in to us and share with us a note of gratitude that you would like to post to the la femme community. I encourage you to write in to with your note and be sure to tell us who you and your friend are, so we can be sure to tag them into the note!

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