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the RX

We support tough topics. Dark and light can't exist without one another and we're believers that it is because of those dark times that we find parts of ourselves, as well as, strengths we didn't know we had. The dKol la femme project came to existence because we strongly believe that we have been given a gift that can help tell your story with the assistance of our creativity. Here you will be given a platform to share your inner soul. Through photography, videography, the written word and community of support, you will be heard!

la femme recognizes and respects that not all stories are ready to be shared. Through anonymity may the community of those that find difficulty in fully sharing their story be respected. 

Share. Heal. Reflect.

You will sit with the team in a storytelling interview that will be documented photographically with a written story & recorded (optional). Whether you wish for your story to be shared anonymously or not, your story will be given the utmost care.

Together we will tell your story to be shared. You will begin to heal in a new way. And you will be able to reflect on how your story will give way to those around you.

…you are free. Free to express everything you’ve ever wanted to say, to be everything that you’ve ever wanted to be. You choose how people see you, you define what and who you are. The fear is finally gone now, and you can breathe in the relief of freeing yourself from labels. You are now the generalized you; the you that is not defined by any single element or physical embodiment of yourself. But instead, you are the spiritual you that personifies everything you’ve always felt inside of you gelled together to form one solid mass. Now open your eyes {unspecified} and tell the world who you are.” -Anonymous

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You are so used to being identified and known for what or who they think you “are”… are you your job, are you your disease, are you your abuse, are you your anxiety, your gender, your body, your looks? Your answer to this question doesn’t matter because really, you are what they choose to define you as today, likely to be different tomorrow. But, you know that you are not defined by what you do, or how you look, or any one single thing that builds the package that is you. The pressure of creating definitions, and attempting to fit pieces of you into varying small little boxes feels like too much to handle. You’re left standing there holding pieces of yourself that have no place wondering where these “you’s” belong.

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 abuse and bulimia 

From a young age, Ashley saw the challenges and darkness that life can bring. She saw instability, fighting, sickness, alcoholism, death, physical-mental-sexual abuse at the hands of someone she should have been able to trust, and discomfort in her own house; and soon her own skin. She felt like she had no control of her life, no opinion, and nothing was her own. So – she did something, something that could be her own, something that she could regulate, and something that she now wishes she could go back and reverse; knowing what she knows now. 

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this is my body

The sad truth is I can remember back to when I was a kid and I can remember thinking that I was too fat. Kids shouldn’t even know what the word fat means, but unfortunately, especially for girls, it is overwhelmingly all around us from such a brutally young age. My parents, since the day I was born, have tried their hardest to ingrain in my mind that I am beautiful, as is my body, and my soul, yet I could never believe them. I am surrounded by positive people telling me “I am crazy” for thinking of myself in this way, and that I am beautiful, yet it means nothing to me if I myself can’t see it.